Sales & Marketing Coaching for boat sales professionals

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The number one thing that has helped me grow Prestige Vision Inc from an idea to a worldwide business in just 18 months has been having a mentor.

Working with mentors helped me grow from an absolute inexperienced entrepreneur taking English lessons to a CEO working with a team of 25 people serving over 300 companies worldwide including 4 Fortune 100.

Today, I personally spend more than $60.000 a year on self-development (coaching, mentoring, mastermind, courses, books, events, etc)

Together, we can make you dominate your marketplace and get the results and lifestyle you deserve.

  • All coaching sessions are online: GotoMeeting or Skype
  • Each coaching sessions will be totally confidential but I will expect you to be transparent
  • I don’t give homework (this is not school!) but will expect you to take actions otherwise there is no point working together
  • I expect the highest level of commitment and integrity in your job
How do I work:

The main reason you don’t achieve your goals is because they are just “goals”. We are going to start by transforming your goals and vision into actionable systems. Once you have this clear road map and checklist of the things to do I will share with you the most efficient techniques to market and sell boats in 2016. I will help you to build a sustainable business and increase your image and authority in the marketplace.

Here are a some of the things I will help you with:
  • Sell more boats or get more listings without being “salesy”…
  • Maximize your chances of selling your listings
  • Build authority with clients
  • Generate more traffic & more leads
  • Reactivate past prospects and customers
  • And much more…

I am not working with everyone. I can show you exactly how to become the top 1% in your industry however you can’t hire me to do your own push ups. If you are not doing the work it will not work.

Fill out the following form to submit your application. I only take max 6 coaching clients per month. So apply now while you still can! Once you’ve submitted your application, I will email you back within 24-hours to let you know if you are a good fit. Currently, there are 2 coaching spots available!

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